Simple things you can cook on your camping trip

Simple things you can cook on your camping trip


The last thing you need when going on a camping adventure is to spend your entire free time cooking, chopping veggies, and washing dishes. Because spending time outdoors should be all about relaxation, you could learn a few simple tricks that you can use that makes cooking while camping a total bliss.

Usually, in the morning, we all like to eat some delicious pancakes. So why give up on this important ritual only because you’re on the road? The solution is quite simple. Before leaving the house, whip up the buttermilk you use for pancakes and put in into a Ziploc bag. Let it freeze overnight. Therefore, every time you need to pack your stuff and go RVing you can easily take the bag with you. In order to fasten the cooking process, just cut a corner of the bag and make a dispenser for the pancakes.

Another cool idea for breakfast is the egg sandwiches. Even though we typically enjoy them as a cold dish, in reality, they taste even better when they are warmed in the camping fire. Make them at home and put them in the freezer. Just don’t forget to wrap them in a foil and not in plastic. You can warm them fast using the fire and if you put them in different foils, you’ll have individual portions for every camper.

It might be fun trying to pack eggs and make sure you reach the destination with them intact, but you should try this tip instead. At home, crack the eggs and add everything you have in the fridge, such as peppers, onions, cheese, bacon, sausage, baby spinach and so on and mix everything. Also, use a bag to put the mixture and freeze it. The main advantage is that this bag can be dropped into the boiling water and cooked for less than 15 minutes. It’s way easier than getting up early in the morning and doing the entire recipe.

We should move on from breakfast ideas to dinner recipes. I know everyone is crazy about pizza and not even nature can’t disagree with the fact that the campfire is the perfect location to savor a piece. Since the dough can be made at home and stored in a cold and dry place, you can easily bring veggies and your homemade tomato sauce to add on top. This pizza is a winner because it is a rare thing to eat fresh pizza while camping in the middle of nowhere.

During cold nights, you should keep your body warm with a bowl of taco soup. All you need is some cans of stewed tomatoes, canned corn, canned or fresh beans, and a pack of taco seasoning. Add some cooked ground beef and some spices and let it simmer. Don’t forget the bag of tortilla chips that goes well with the soup.


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