5 cool gadgets and devices for camping

5 cool gadgets and devices for camping


I love camping and exploring, so that’s why I try to stay in tune with everything that comes out in terms of technology. There are a lot of devices that can get you out of a tricky situation or just provide the necessary means for the fun you want to have around a campfire or while you’re chilling with friends and family.



One of the first things I am going to recommend getting is a good GPS with backup camera. Obviously, if you have a motorhome, you might have to get one that allows you to use the dedicated settings for such vehicles. From what I gathered, it appears that most such units are designed with interfaces that you can use to add the exact dimensions of your vehicle so that the GPS chooses just the right trajectory depending on these details.


The backup camera will help you when parking or leaving the campsite, and the neat thing about it is that it is made to be compatible with the main unit so that you can utilize the same display to see what’s happening at the rear of your automobile.


Another gadget I would suggest investing in is a good-quality portable speaker. Fugoo is a good choice, for example, because it has a 40-hour battery life and a bunch of useful capabilities. It’s designed to be waterproof, so it can handle a splash here and there.


Next up, you might just as well consider purchasing a 4-in-1 system like the new Biolite Nanogrid. You can use this product as a lantern, a powerbank, a torch, or even as part of a lighting setup. A radio with a solar panel can also mean the world for somebody who doesn’t have the means to charge his or her smartphone and get in touch with the rest of the world. If you’re going camping alone, you need to make sure that you bring as much power sources with you as possible.

While you’re at it, you might just as well pick up the new goTenna. Sometimes, if you feel like camping in the middle of the woods, you might have poor reception or no reception at all. Fortunately, this product can solve this issue conveniently and efficiently. It’s a battery-operated radio and antenna that works both with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. So if you have no service, you don’t have to worry about anything. This gadget seems like the most useful one of all, in my opinion, especially if you ever get lost in the forest.


Some honorable mentions should go to the Scrubba Portable Washing Machine, the Burnie self burning grill, and the Treo Camping Chair.




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