Simple things you can cook on your camping trip

Simple things you can cook on your camping trip


The last thing you need when going on a camping adventure is to spend your entire free time cooking, chopping veggies, and washing dishes. Because spending time outdoors should be all about relaxation, you could learn a few simple tricks that you can use that makes cooking while camping a total bliss.

Usually, in the morning, we all like to eat some delicious pancakes. So why give up on this important ritual only because you’re on the road? The solution is quite simple. Before leaving the house, whip up the buttermilk you use for pancakes and put in into a Ziploc bag. Let it freeze overnight. Therefore, every time you need to pack your stuff and go RVing you can easily take the bag with you. In order to fasten the cooking process, just cut a corner of the bag and make a dispenser for the pancakes.

Another cool idea for breakfast is the egg sandwiches. Even though we typically enjoy them as a cold dish, in reality, they taste even better when they are warmed in the camping fire. Make them at home and put them in the freezer. Just don’t forget to wrap them in a foil and not in plastic. You can warm them fast using the fire and if you put them in different foils, you’ll have individual portions for every camper.

It might be fun trying to pack eggs and make sure you reach the destination with them intact, but you should try this tip instead. At home, crack the eggs and add everything you have in the fridge, such as peppers, onions, cheese, bacon, sausage, baby spinach and so on and mix everything. Also, use a bag to put the mixture and freeze it. The main advantage is that this bag can be dropped into the boiling water and cooked for less than 15 minutes. It’s way easier than getting up early in the morning and doing the entire recipe.

We should move on from breakfast ideas to dinner recipes. I know everyone is crazy about pizza and not even nature can’t disagree with the fact that the campfire is the perfect location to savor a piece. Since the dough can be made at home and stored in a cold and dry place, you can easily bring veggies and your homemade tomato sauce to add on top. This pizza is a winner because it is a rare thing to eat fresh pizza while camping in the middle of nowhere.

During cold nights, you should keep your body warm with a bowl of taco soup. All you need is some cans of stewed tomatoes, canned corn, canned or fresh beans, and a pack of taco seasoning. Add some cooked ground beef and some spices and let it simmer. Don’t forget the bag of tortilla chips that goes well with the soup.


How to create a camping checklist

How to create a camping checklist


Going camping is always an adventure we look forward to. Most beginning campers hardly know what to expect when they go on the road, which is to say that they often come unprepared. Over the years, we’ve met people who were anything but ready for their camping goals. I’ve always wondered how people can get on the road without taking some basic supplies. Apparently, one can never get too reckless.

One thing I have to tell you is that you need to make sure you have everything organized while you’re at home. It’s better to be safe than sorry, they say, and I honestly couldn’t agree more. If you put together a camping checklist and you set a date for your next camping adventure, every day you’ll add something to the list.



Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to carry your whole house with you. What I’m trying to say is that it is important to differentiate the things that are truly essential and can help you survive and those you can just as well do without. Make a list of the camping sites you’ll stay at, especially if you want to travel with your motorhome.

Your checklist should contain things like the people you travel with and their particular needs, the food you need to bring along, as well as all the gear that is necessary for you to feel reassured that everything will go as planned. I mentioned your co-travelers because their requirements might be different, and I am definitely not referring to personal preferences. For example, one of your family members might be allergic to nuts while a friend of yours might be lactose-intolerant. It would be a very good idea to make a list of foods and gear that are all based on these particular aspects.

In terms of gear, you’ll have to bring extra blankets, chairs, lanterns, batteries, flashlights, repair kits for your mattress, tent, or tarp, as well as a sleeping bag for every camper. The most important piece you’ll have to bring along is your tent, and it should be accompanied by stakes and poles, as well as a footprint.



Personal items can range from sunscreen to prescription medication, toiletries, and good old soap. Clothes can be split into those destined for daytime and sleepwear. Make sure you bring some protective equipment, as well, just in case the weather turns sour. Always carry a pair of gloves with you and several extra layers. You wouldn’t want to freeze in the middle of the night, would you?

As for kitchen-related items, the sky’s the limit. If you have plenty of space, you can bring all sorts of cups and gadgets, including cutting boards, foil, tablecloth, corkscrews, and anything you know you’re going to use. A portable stove comes in handy, as well, because you’re likely to grow tired of all the canned food at some point or the other. Make sure to bring some fuel, too.


5 cool gadgets and devices for camping

5 cool gadgets and devices for camping


I love camping and exploring, so that’s why I try to stay in tune with everything that comes out in terms of technology. There are a lot of devices that can get you out of a tricky situation or just provide the necessary means for the fun you want to have around a campfire or while you’re chilling with friends and family.



One of the first things I am going to recommend getting is a good GPS with backup camera. Obviously, if you have a motorhome, you might have to get one that allows you to use the dedicated settings for such vehicles. From what I gathered, it appears that most such units are designed with interfaces that you can use to add the exact dimensions of your vehicle so that the GPS chooses just the right trajectory depending on these details.


The backup camera will help you when parking or leaving the campsite, and the neat thing about it is that it is made to be compatible with the main unit so that you can utilize the same display to see what’s happening at the rear of your automobile.


Another gadget I would suggest investing in is a good-quality portable speaker. Fugoo is a good choice, for example, because it has a 40-hour battery life and a bunch of useful capabilities. It’s designed to be waterproof, so it can handle a splash here and there.


Next up, you might just as well consider purchasing a 4-in-1 system like the new Biolite Nanogrid. You can use this product as a lantern, a powerbank, a torch, or even as part of a lighting setup. A radio with a solar panel can also mean the world for somebody who doesn’t have the means to charge his or her smartphone and get in touch with the rest of the world. If you’re going camping alone, you need to make sure that you bring as much power sources with you as possible.

While you’re at it, you might just as well pick up the new goTenna. Sometimes, if you feel like camping in the middle of the woods, you might have poor reception or no reception at all. Fortunately, this product can solve this issue conveniently and efficiently. It’s a battery-operated radio and antenna that works both with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. So if you have no service, you don’t have to worry about anything. This gadget seems like the most useful one of all, in my opinion, especially if you ever get lost in the forest.


Some honorable mentions should go to the Scrubba Portable Washing Machine, the Burnie self burning grill, and the Treo Camping Chair.